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About Us

BDCO Online Grocery is an Australian owned and Operated Company, was established in 1999 located in 3 Grex Avenue, Minchinbury, Sydney selling Indian spices and grocery mostly imported from India and from local suppliers. We always try to keep our prices as low as we can and we rotate our stock very well so that it is always fresh.

We offer a wide variety of products, including Indian food and ingredients, kitchen ware and even personal care and fashion items.


We distribute a great selection of Indian foods, drinks and ingredients, heat and eat food, sweets, spices, sauces, jams, chutney, etc which guide you through the amazing world of Indian tastes. Indian cuisine is very fascinating, because it blends lots of spices, herbs, lentils, beans and other ingredients. These flavours offer you an insight into a totally different taste cavalcade than you are used to. When you relish an Indian spice or dish you want to immerse more and more in this outstanding flavor experience. When eating these meals in Indian authentic restaurants you always wonder what it actually contains, how it is made and more important if you could do it at home. BDCO Online Grocery offers you the key to an authentic Indian meal. We provide all the necessary components for a delicious and homemade Indian meal: the Indian recipe book, the spices, herbs and other ingredients and even the kitchen ware. With our products your kitchen becomes a veritable Indian cuisine.

It is very hard to find the Indian spices on the market, and even if you are lucky to find some you can always question yourself if they are authentic and sufficiently fresh. BDCO Online Grocery is the answer for all your longings and doubts. We offer fresh, genuine products at good prices. You can find more than x products on our site, so plunge into the flavours of India. Choose the products best matching your preferences. It does not matter if you long for a snack for your 10 o’clock pauses like the Bhuja, or after a meal which can be ready in 2 minutes like the Masala Dry Fry or if you want to cook a veritable Indian meal for your family, you can get all the products and ingredients on the website.


We supply all kind of Indian kitchen ware, including tea pot, spice container, coconut scrapper, tawa, pressure cooker, etc. These are made of high quality materials and long-lasting.


BDCO Online Grocery sells face care, shower, bath and hair care products, Ayurvedic, originated from India. The majority of these products is made from natural ingredients and is designed to nourish and indulge your skin and your senses. We also provide colorful Indian Kurti with long and short sleeve.


We provide a secure online ordering system all hosted & supported locally in Australia. We offer a secure payment system via PayPal and fast, efficient delivery by Courier Company and Australia Post.

Our customers made us come all this way and stand strong in today’s competition. We are now committed to serve our customers with fresh and quality product and with reliable services and comparative price.

Price and Quality product is our key to success.